Fitness Services

By having the top licensed professionals in the industry, we are able to provide elite level services directly to each client. We have Services that can be tailored to an individual, a group, and even on-location training. All Services we provide are as listed below:

gym woman personal trainer man with weight training equipment

Personal Training

Take on your workouts with a TruFit professional by your side. TruFit personal training is a perfect solution for anyone wanting to get in shape fast. We will sit down one-on-one to customize a training program that will fit your goals. There is no need to worry about stepping into a gym where you feel that all eyes are on you. During our Personal Training sessions, we will personally direct you through strength training and the appropriate nutrition. Our experienced professionals with empower you with knowledge and an experience to give you long-term results. Get stronger, leaner, and healthier. By having private training session, we guarantee that your goals will come to life. With one-on-one personal training from TruFit, you will get fast solutions for:

  • Improving on the areas where you are most weak
  • Perfecting your technical form
  • Getting the most out of your efforts
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Achieving your personal goals
  • Maximizing your time and results
TruFit Bootcamps in Fort Worth


If you thrive when working together as a team then we have the perfect training program for you. By training with a group, you are able to keep yourself, as well as others, accountable and motivated. Our Bootcamp sessions are energetic and intensive and will be sure have you leaving feeling accomplished. Appropriate for all fitness-levels, TruFit’s bootcamp provides plenty of modified exercises and is go at your own pace. Not only will our bootcamp trainer continuously uplift and motivate you, but the friendly and positive group comradery will have you looking forward to coming back each and every week. Come out and join us to see for yourself! Your first session is free!

Workout with a friend personal training in fort worth

Small Group Training

Small group training offers a group workout for 2-3 people to get a team environment but still allow more personal attention from a personal trainer. Get the intimate exclusivity of a customized personal training session, with the comfort, accountability, & support of a group setting, while taking advantage of the special group training costs.

Corporate Wellness in Fort Worth Texas

Corporate Training

We want to help your employees get up from their desks and get active! Implementing a corporate wellness program can increase productivity, manage workplace stress, strengthen team building, and promote a healthy culture. Studies have shown that increasing the amount of time people move – even just a little – can have huge benefits for your workplace and improve the overall health of your employees.

Diet & Nutrition Coach in Fort Worth

Diet & Nutrition

All the training in the world will not provide the results you desire without the proper nutritional plan. Our professionals with tailor a meal plan that will maximize your results. You do not have to follow a fad diet, provide yourself with ingredients your body deserves.

Muscle recovery massage therapy in ft worth, texas

In-Home Massage Therapy

We all know how important rehabilitation is when we use our body. As much as some of us would like to train non-stop, without the proper rest your body will not reach is maximum performance or results. After a hard training day, have our licensed massage therapist get your body back to where it needs to be.

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