Why should I get a Personal Trainer?

I’m often asked by potential clients, “Why should I get a personal trainer?” The answer is that very few people need a personal trainer, however, having one can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your diet and exercise giving you dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. Can you reach your fitness goals on your own? Of course you can, but not everyone has the internal drive or control to get there.

Personal Trainers Can Help

How often have you found yourself standing on the bathroom scale, questioning the effectiveness of your fitness routine? A personal trainer acts as a guide, showing you the best path to reach your fitness goals. It’s one thing to have a map to guide you along the way, but it’s quite another to have a guide who knows the terrain, the lay of the land, and what obstacles that may be in your way. Our trainer’s have specific training and knowledge of how to work with each client whose body types and fitness goals differ.

A Tru Fit Personal Trainer can also help you save time. Did you know that you can get in shape with a few as three one-hour workouts a week? Your trainer will customize a workout designed to give you maximum results in a minimal amount of time. You no longer will spend your time wondering if: your time is better spent on the elliptical or working with weights, logging your reps and weights, or planning on which exercise to do next. We handle all of that for you. Your trainer will log your progress and adjust your workout so that you are constantly progressing towards your goal. That’s less time that spent analyzing your performance and planning your workouts for the week and more time breaking a sweat.

Proper Fitness Form

In addition to saving you time, a Tru Fit Personal Trainer increases the performance of each workout by motivating you to achieve your potential, and of course, safely. In any workout routine, it is difficult to safely push the limits of your body when working out alone. Our Personal Trainer’s act as a spotter and will assist you in maintaining proper form throughout each individual exercise. By helping you safely perform at the highest level, injury potential drastically decrease and maximization of results incresases.

Tru Motiviation

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the mental aspect of having a coach to encourage and promote accountability. Fitness is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. Scheduling regular appointments increase the likelihood you will reach your goals in a timely fashion by over 95%!  Tru Fit Personal Trainer’s can provide the motivation and positive feedback needed during and after your workout.

Some people may have the drive and spare time to pursue and reach their fitness goals on their own, however, we all know that life happens and time is of virtue. Tru Fit Texas is here to make sure your goals are acheived by maximizing fitness results in a minimal amount of time. Give us a call today at (817) 734-9254 or (214) 773-4835 for your free fitness evaluation and find out how Tru Fit Texas can help you!

Who is your Power of 5?


Meaning who are the five people you surround yourself around the most. Do these people provide positive mental, spiritual and physical support?  As the theory goes,“you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn, business philosopher. If the goal is to elevate yourself to another level of success when reaching your goals, you play with those who challenge you, who make yourself better. The mental and physical push gives you the edge we all strive for.

Examining Yourself

Negativity is contagious, so is strength, so is optimism. Take a mental survey and examine your Power of 5. Whether it’s friends, family or co-workers, it’s the people most often you surround yourself with that reflect upon who you are.  If these select few encourage positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle, you most likely will take those traits. Here’s where the kick comes in though, do you include yourself in the headcount?

How it Translates

Lets turn this theory around to fitness and health lifestyle choices. If you look at your diet and exercise, is there anything holding you back mentally?  There’s a mental game that some choose to ignore and physical strength is only half the battle. These mental roadblocks are the things that likely get you  off track – the fastest and the furthest from your goals. Not only do you need to keep yourself mentally in tune, but also emotionally. Often we choose to surround ourselves with people and things that will only provide a temporary fix. We all have these types of personal struggles and periods of anger, sadness and loneliness that might throw us off course. By all means, sometimes, these issues can be our catalysts for fitness. You’ve heard of working out to combat frustration?  When pitted against one another, channeling and dealing with this negative energy via positive solutions – the positive effect and action will dominate.

Find your Power of 5

In summary, your Power of 5 is the people who know your strengths and weakness, and care for you anyway. It’s a two-way street and whose circle are you in? Would the people you list as your Power of 5 include you on their list?  It’s all about self connection and self love, as well as promoting a circle of constructive connectivity. Typically, when you are in a positive mindset, you treat your body better and you treat others better. At Tru Fit Texas, we aim to connect like-minded people and affect positive behaviors to support  true change. We challenge you to tag your Power of 5 right now. Create a Facebook note and let them know how much it means to you that they are there for you, day to day.