Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, TruFit provides our clients with customized and personalized training programs to meet and exceed your health and wellness goals. Our company principle is to allow you to achieve your fitness destination while guiding you along the way. We strive to give you the long-term knowledge, confidence, tools to succeed for a lifelong journey.


A customized fitness plan developed specifically for your goals and your body, with undivided attention. Contact Us Now to Set Up a Free Consultation!


Get fit fast and in a fun group setting with uplifting and encouraging peers to hold you accountable. TruFit’s bootcamps are for all levels of fitness and welcoming to everyone.


Work out with a friend and get a special discounted rate. This option allows you to have access to personalized training, while still having the comfort of companionship.

What We Offer

With State-of-the-Art equipment and the most educated trainers available to each client, we will be able to get you in the best shape of your life. Whether you are wanting to trim your waist line, pack on muscle, or niche train; our skills, knowledge and ability will give you to advantage you need to succeed. Our team consists of licensed and certified professionals that will guide you along the way to succeeding your goals. Each one of our members has specific areas in which they specialize. The knowledge ranges from basic weight loss and muscle building, to high intensity training that will be sure to shred the unwanted pounds. Not only can we customize your workouts to fit your specific needs, we can also set up a nutritional plan to help complete your transformation.